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Choosing the bank card handling terminal that finest suits your business demands can help you reduce handling costs as well as increase your revenues. TSYS ® has the knowledge to assist you in your choice of the right charge card maker and also PIN pad for your operation.

We offer the prominent, easy-to-use choices listed here that are completely geared up with the most recent innovation, non-proprietary as well as representative of the overall ideal value.

Verifone ® VX 520

Processing adaptability, speed as well as safety and security packaged in one user friendly, tech-forward terminal that you and also your clients will certainly appreciate.

Ingenico ® iCT250

Protection, speed and versatility– with each other in one hassle-free incurable made for simplicity of usage.

Ingenico iCT220 CTL

The iCT220 CTL terminal from Ingenico offers protected, flexible purchase handling, and also is EMV ®- and NFC-capable Verifone VX 680 This high-speed wireless incurable delivers brilliant efficiency and also design in a sleek, portable plan.

Ingenico iWL250 This terminal deals short-range cordless connection by means of Bluetooth ®, EMV and contactless card capability and also a high-contrast backlit display screen in one compact layout.

Ingenico iWL250 3G-GPRS Refine repayments– consisting of EMV and contactless card– fast with powerful 3G cordless connection, after that issue an invoice from the printer that’s developed into this compact system.

Verifone VX 805 This robust, ergonomic PIN pad for debit card deals supplies protected handling and also includes that are easy to use.

Find out more ________________________________________ Ingenico iPP320 PIN Pad This small unit streamlines data entrance as well as has the ability to process EMV and contactless card transactions quickly and firmly.

Learn More ________________________________________ Ingenico iPP310 PIN Pad The iPP310 PIN pad from Ingenico provides check out freedom, safety and rate, and is EMV- as well as NFC- capable.

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